sâmbătă, 14 iunie 2014


My heart was longtime aching
At the same time painting
My world in pale colours
In which there were no flowers,
Joy, happiness or smile,
But only misery and cry.
 I thought this was the end,
A heart I couldn’t mend,
A life of broken dreams and darkness,
A lot of pain and sadness.
 I thought my love was all weared off
Until I couldn’t get my mind of
Your eyes, your smile, your face,
Your touch, your kiss, your sweet embrace
 I thought I could live like this
Until I met our first kiss
And then I knew I loved more
Than anything else before.
 A while I felt I could just fly
And be right above the blue sky
You gave me power, you gave me trust
That I could forget my unfortunate past
You seemed to make my dreams come true
Shattering what I’ve been through
 With you I felt myself again one day
Without another part I should play
And you made me feel alive
I’ve ever been in my life.

By me